The Nature Trail at Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

The Museum’s Nature Trail educates visitors on how the environment plays an important role in agriculture and how the environment has always been a friend to the farmer. The purpose of the trail is to allow visitors the opportunity to experience a greater awareness of the unique bond between our agricultural industry and our natural environment.

The Nature WalkThe Museum’s Nature Trail is a 300 yard wood/trestle trail running through some 10 acres of mostly trees. Part of the trail is a natural path in the forest created by walkers that lead to the creek bottom. The timber is primarily hardwood with some pine and cypress. Much of the timber is 30 to 50 years old or older.

The nature trail features labeled trees and native plants. Along the path is a pavilion where visitors can sit and observe pastured animals.  The trail includes picnic tables and pavilions for visitors to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the forest.

The Museum’s Nature Trail is a unique experience to those who have never seen a farm or experienced the beauty and harmony of nature to realize the connection between our environment and the industries that give us our food and clothing.