Sparkman Auditorium 
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5,035 400 150 325 $500 $1,000 $1,250
  Forestry Building 
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4,435 400 150 300 $450 $900 $1,150
  Ethnic Heritage Center 
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3,764 200 100 175 $350 $700 $950
  Education Center 
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1,580 75 30 75 $300 $500 $650
  Masonic Lodge 
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850 60 30 60 $200 $350 $450
  Field ***       $500 $500 $500
** Pavilion only available after 4pm, Mon-Sat.
*** Field can only be rented if booked with the Sparkman Auditorium.
Kitchen is included.
Wi-Fi Wireless internet access is available.

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Rental clients are required to complete a request for use permit before signing a contract. Fees must be paid in full up front in order to secure the rental. Cash, cashier checks, money orders, Visa, and Master Card are accepted. No personal checks are accepted.

BUILDING RENTAL includes: Usage of the facility for times specified on the contract; All events must end no later than 11pm in order to clean and vacate the premises by 12am. Customers that require additional time to clean and vacate must pay an extra fee to be determined by the museum.

Prices include Setup, Building Rental and Security

SET UP includes: A clean facility furnished with a limited number of 8 foot rectangular tables and chairs, depending on the facility. The customer is responsible for completing a setup sheet provided by the museum that will allow the customer to draw the way they would like to have the building arranged. The museum must have setup sheet 14 days prior to the event.

SECURITY includes: After 5pm, the museum provides a deputy with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department to patrol the grounds and parking areas for our customers.

Additional Equipment and Services

Additional rectangular tables (8ft.) @ $5 each; Round tables (60in.) @ $12 each; Phone line access for credit card: $25, Microphone no charge, Podium no charge.

Parking: Parking for all rental facilities is located in Smith-Wills Stadium parking lot. Exceptions are parking for the Sparkman Auditorium, which is located in front of the auditorium. Handicap parking is available inside the Museum Complex.

Clean-up: Customer is responsible for removal of all food and decorations brought in the building. It must be put in garbage cans provided or be removed at the end of the agreed scheduled time on the day of the rental. Excessive spills will be accessed a clean-up fee determined by Museum.

Alcohol: Permitted after 5 p.m. If selling alcohol, the seller must provide a liquor license. NO KEG BEER IS ALLOWED.

WiFi: Included the Sparkman, Forestry, Ethnic, and main building

Customer must provide: Media/sound equipment for disc jockey or band; setup equipment such as ladders, extension cords, etc…

For more information regarding rentals, please call Alya Shamaly at (601) 432-4506 or email her at Alya@mdac.ms.gov.

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